002 Amir Mukhtar

Amir Mukhtar, 2 months old at the time, had been diagnosed with TGA. After quite some time of drug therapy, he had reached the point where he was sick enough to need an open heart surgery, but not so sick that he couldn’t go through the stressful surgery and recovery.

Amir belongs to poor family, his father Asif Mukhtar is news paper hawker and earning below average income. Family was living normal life with the new born baby. But after few day’s family felt some abnormal symptoms with the child.

Any how parents contacted with private clinic where they came to know that their child had heart disease issue because his color was slightly blue and doctor referred them to heart specialist. Parents shocked after knowing this news and finally they met with their relatives and they were told about the Children’s Heart Hospital & Research Center in Lahore which is also called CHHRI and this is non-profit organization which helps poor and needy people and arrange treatments through donations and Zakat funds. After Amir’s thorough examination, doctor diagnosed him TGA “Transposition of Great Arteries” and this disease comes with child by birth. It was very shocking news for the parents and crashed them down.

The Cardiac department team, comprised of pediatric cardiac nurses, cardiologists, surgeons, social workers, therapists and much more, are recognized for setting the national standard for excellence in the specialized care of infants, children and adults with congenital heart disease. We understand that exceptional medical care is only one piece of the picture, and that truly comprehensive care for patients means also providing families with the resources and support they need, every step of the way.

Amir spent several days in the Children hospital Lahore. Dr. Masood Sadiq,MD, performed open heart surgery to treat Amir’s TGA. The wait during surgery “seemed like forever,” Amir’s mother recalls. But their anxiety was alleviated by the cardiac team’s efforts to explain the surgery and put them at ease, as much as possible.
Dr. Masood Sadiq explained the procedure numerous times in the days leading up to surgery. “Our son’s heart was the size of a plum and the vessels that were reversed were the size of lead in a pencil,” mother says. “Everything is extremely intricate and extremely tiny.”

Treatment of TGA was very costly and parents couldn’t afford it in every condition. Surgery was successfully operated and all expenses were paid by CHHRI. Now parents were satisfied with operation and child went home with parents and today he is thriving one and half year old.