004 Tayyab Haider

MY 7-MONTH-OLD son was his usual happy self as he woke up and greeted me with a beaming grin. I smiled back – trying to disguise the feeling of dread deep in my stomach. Tayyab didn’t know it, of course, as he waved across at his dad that morning, but he was about to undergo his heart operation. And the prospect of what was in store for him that day was filling my mind, “Kiran recalls”

As I was thinking things over, the surgeon paid an early-morning visit to our room in the Children’s Heart Unit at CHHL. Dr. Masood Sadiq had carried out Tayyab’s previous treatment reports and tests, which were squeezed into a whirlwind 10-day period in the first seven weeks of his life.
God blessed us a baby boy but within few weeks, we felt some different symptoms with the child like, shortness of breath, failure to gain weight and so on, we took him to the doctor and during check up doctor felt some problem with child such as fast heart rate, breathing problem. We were advised a child should be taken to the heart specialist immediately.

Tayyab was born with a structural heart condition called Pulmonary Artesia with VSD. One of the heart’s four valves, the pulmonary valve, had not formed properly, meaning his blood had no way of getting into his lungs to take in oxygen. He also has a VSD (ventricular septal defect) – a hole in the heart between the left and right ventricles, the two pumping chambers.

We family members were so concerned about the expanses and treatment, after long discussion it had been decided take Tayyab to Children’s Heart Hospital and Research Center who will help us in getting this treatment. This organization provides financial support for deserving children heart surgeries.
The workload of the paediatric heart surgeon is staggering, with several hundred operations performed each year by the team at CHHRI.

So while this summer morning was a momentous one for Tayyab and his family, it was an ordinary day in the office for Dr. Masood Sadiq. He outlined the plan for the latest operation – to add another shunt and widen Tayyab’s pulmonary artery, which was too narrow.

Surgery went well, but just under 48 hours later we almost faced our ultimate nightmare. Tayyab had taken a turn for the worst the day after his operation, and his breathing had become erratic and labored. His respiratory system was having some kind of breakdown, and on the Sunday morning he went into cardiac arrest. This happened just as his mum and I arrived at the intensive care ward. Tayyab is on his way towards healthy and normal life.