005 Arbaz Ali

Arbaz was born on a Wednesday near the end of September 1999. My pregnancy went fine and nothing was picked up as being wrong on my scans. After having Arbaz, I was trying to breast feed, but he was not feeding. I spoke to a breast feeding advisor who advised that this could be normal and to keep trying. Arbaz had his 24 hour check with the GP on Friday 27th October 1999, and we were told that Arbaz was fine. We highlighted to the GP that his nappies were dry and he was not feeding, but not for a second did we think anything was wrong. The GP did not pick anything up either.

Arbaz would not settle, and was “whinging” (not even crying) most of the night. I managed to get him to feed a little so I was a bit happier. Arbaz was rushed straight into local clinic, and eventually transferred to Services Hospital Lahore. After a long wait, we were told that he was very poorly, and that they thought that there was an issue with his heart, so they wanted to do some more tests. We were then told that that they thought that he has Hyperplasic Left Heart Syndrome. After some initial tests and treatments, doctor diagnosed SV ASD PAPVC heart disease, he doesn’t have much time to carry this disease. We were also given the option of being transferred to another hospital that specialized in this condition, and that this could be children’s hospital Lahore. We live in same city, so this was fine with us.

Arbaz had a cardiac catheter as his saturations were dropping. A week after the catheter, we got the call to say that they wanted to do surgery that week, and that they were happy to attempt the “fix”. So, off we went to CHL again. Arbaz went in for his surgery, but just before his surgery, they decided that they were not comfortable to try and do the fix, so they done the Stage 2. We did not know this until Arbaz was back in intensive care. This time, Arbaz was only in intensive care for less than 24 hours and was home within a week. He done so well in regards to his recovery. Again, Arbaz has thrived even more. He is putting on weight, and has started doing everything that we would expect him to be doing.

With involvement of CHRRI, all expenses have been delivered collected through Zakat and donations from different sources.