Ahmad to live a better quality life

I neglect my talents

Ahmad is only one of the 50,000 children who are born with congenital heart defects every year in Pakistan. Due to the limited resources and difficulty in access to quality healthcare services majority of these kids do not have access to treatment. Ahmad is one of the lucky ones who got connected with PCHF.

Through the generous Zakat given by yourself and others like you, we helped Ahmad and 100s of other children annually in getting their heart treatments – Still, many more remain. A Congenital heart defect once treated timely will allow the child to live a better-quality life and realize their potential. Together we can save lives of many if we provide timely care.

This Ramadan, due to the additional burden of the Coronavirus pandemic our responsibilities have increased. Your Zakat is required now more than ever.

Have a Heart, heal a Heart, this Ramadan give your Zakat to PCHF.

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