Ahmad to live a better quality life

Ahmad is only one of the 50,000 children who are born with congenital heart defects every year in Pakistan. Due to the limited resources and difficulty in access to quality healthcare services majority of these kids do not have access to treatment. Ahmad is one of the lucky ones who got connected with PCHF.

Through the generous Zakat given by yourself and others like you, we helped Ahmad and 100s of other children annually in getting their heart treatments – Still, many more remain. A Congenital heart defect once treated timely will allow the child to live a better-quality life and realize their potential. Together we can save lives of many if we provide timely care.

This Ramadan, due to the additional burden of the Coronavirus pandemic our responsibilities have increased. Your Zakat is required now more than ever.

Have a Heart, heal a Heart, this Ramadan give your Zakat to PCHF.

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Zainab Yaseen was 6 months old and came in crying with her worried parents. Her mother reported that she was pale and small for her age since birth. She would also have short, quick breathing. Including trouble while feeding. She was diagnosed with a large Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and was advised open heart surgery for closure of her VSD. At just 6 months old, their daughter’s entire life ahead of her, Zainab’s parents were distraught over not being able to afford a treatment that would give their daughter a normal future.

With the help of PCHF, Zainab’s surgery was successfully conducted on 2-05-2019. She was operated in Ittefaq Hospital by Dr. M Asim Khan. There were no complications during and after the surgery. She was admitted for 3 days and discharged after a stable postoperative assessment.

Zainab’s follow up echo was conducted one month after her surgery by Dr. Amna Zafar. We are happy to report Zainab’s complete recovery, and happy parents of a healthy infant.


Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation offers our own zakat calculator to help you determine how much zakat you need to pay. Find out if you have to pay Zakat, and how much the Nisab value is for Ramadan 2020, with our comprehensive Zakat Guide.

The zakat calculator considers your comprehensive net assets (total wealth). Remember that charity in Islam (Zakat) is not just one of the core pillars, but also a tool to help ease poverty, suffering and hardship throughout the globe.

Those of us eligible for Zakat this year should do our utmost in helping those in need, especially considering the economic implications of the current coronavirus pandemic on our population.

The Zakat you paid last Ramadan, allowed us to provide free of cost treatment to 560 deserving and needful kids with Congenital Heart Defects.

‘Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity

– At-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589’



Humanity is facing a global crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. Both health and economies are in danger. Now is the time for humanity to work together and face these challenges. Sick children are more at risk. And they need us now more than ever. Your Zakat donations can make a mountain of a difference for these children. And, in fact, it is a means of protection for all of us. The Prophet(S.A.W), upon him be peace, said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is in fact next in importance to Salah. Zakat is defined as donating 2.5% of one’s wealth annually to eight categories of individuals in a community in need. Not only is it an act of worship, but it is also an integral part of the Islamic social welfare system.

Spiritual Allah SWT says in the Quran: “take from their wealth so that you might purify and sanctify them” (9:103). Zakat, therefore, purifies our possessions and our hearts.
Obligation – By giving Zakat, we are fulfilling an obligation from Allah SWT and earning His reward in return. [Quran 7:156] My mercy encompasses all things, but I will specify it for the righteous who give Zakat.
Circulation of wealth Zakat prevents the accumulation of wealth with some individuals while others continue to suffer. It teaches us compassion for our fellow human beings and prevents the manifestation of negative attributes like greed and miserliness.
Social – Zakat is a reminder that all wealth is only from Allah and one does not have ownership. It helps us become a means of helping those in need. It strengthens the bonds within a community. Zakat helps solve societal problems of debt, misfortune during traveling, slavery and poverty. It therefore strengthens a community.

Zakat should be calculated on 2.5% of all net savings one possesses that is above the nisab value. Nisab value is the minimum threshold required for an individual to be eligible to pay Zakat in that specific year. It applies to assets such as gold, silver or their cash equivalent in the form of earnings or savings.

Zakat can be paid before Ramadan. This includes Zakat al Fitar or Fitrana. The amount of fitrana is calculated in reference to food items such as barley, dates and wheat. Even the smallest acts of charity carry reward for us.

These are the most uncertain times for these children with congenital heart diseases. Waiting and thinking if they will be treated. Now is the time our Zakat can make the most impact in helping heal them.

Charity is a protection from calamity. By giving Zakat, we are fulfilling a fundamental pillar of Islam, protecting ourselves from harm in the time of the corona virus pandemic, and above all, we are helping to alleviate the distress of sick children. Let our hearts and donations be the reason these children have hope and a chance of a healthy, normal life ahead.

One should research and find a registered charity for Zakat disbursement. Unstructured charities may not be completely transparent and open about their utilization of your Zakat. Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation is a registered charity with the SECP, it is PCP certified, and tax exempted under section 2(36). This allows our donors to claim their donations as taxable expenditure. Not only this, we are audited by Ernest & Young, one of the leading audit firms in the world. So act NOW and pay your ZAKAT to help these children born with Congenital Heart Defects.

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