PCHF with TZPT held the Advanced Pediatric Cardiac Intervention Workshop at CHC, Multan

Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation with the support of Taarey Zameen Par Trust held the first day of their Advanced Pediatric Cardiac Intervention Workshop at Children Hospital Complex, Multan.

Renowned international doctors, Dr. Younes Boudjemline, Pediatric Cardiologist and Dr. Saif Ur Rehman, Pediatric Anesthetist arrived at Multan in the early hours of the morning at 0730, they were very warmly received by CEO of TZP along with her team.

The team of doctors anxious to get to work, had a light breakfast and arrived at Children Hospital Complex, Multan at 0930. After a brief introduction session with Dean children’s hospital, Prof. Mukhtar Hussain Bhatti and Executive Director Prof. Rana Altaf and Head of Cardiology Dr. Sohail Ashraf, our team of doctors began with their first case of ASD.

Over the course of the day, 5 children, ages ranging from 2 years to 13 years, with CHDs were treated by Dr. Younes Boudjemline and his team. A total of 4 ASDs and 1 VSD were treated using device closure/interventions. These cases ranged in complexity from moderate to severe.

One of the more difficult cases was that of a child who along with an ASD also had Pulmonary stenosis. This case had to be treated in two parts, first by resolving the Pulmonary valve stenosis by Pulmonary valvuloplasty and secondly closing the ASD. During this case some issue arose with the placement of the device in the second part, but the experienced and calm Dr. Younes Boudjemline led his team with authority and competency and resolved the issue and completed the treatment.

Pediatric cardiologists at Children Hospital complex were trained in the use of new techniques and internationally practiced protocols were shared between all persons involved. The first of its kind at Children Hospital Complex Multan, MFO (Multi Functional Occluder) device closure was carried out by Dr. Sohail Arshad under the expert guidance of Dr. Younes Boudjemline.

Dr. Younes, Dr. Saif and their team will be carrying out treatments of deserving children at Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi Institute of Cardiology along with training of C.P.E.I.C. staff.

In the evening Dr. Younes visited the local sweet shop and was very excited to taste delicious Fig Halwa.

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Patients’ Welfare Society of the Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH) and the Pakistan Children Heart Foundation (PCHF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), according to which both organisations will cooperate to provide low-cost and quality treatment to children with inborn heart diseases.

The MoU was signed at a ceremony held at AKUH on Sunday, which was attended by Paediatric Cardiology Consultant and Agha Khan Children’s Hospital Service Line Chief Dr Babar Hasan, Paediatric Surgeon Dr Asim Khan, PCHF Board member Farhan Ahmed, AKUH Patients’ Welfare Society head SM Pervaiz, Senior Adviser Nadeem Mustafa Khan, PCHF members Hasan Bukhari, Mujtaba Bhatti, National Cricket Team former captain Misbah ul Haq, former cricketer Saeed Anwer, and other paediatric doctors and surgeons.

Dr Babar Hasan, while addressing the ceremony, said that 50% of the children suffering from heart diseases are from one of these four countries – Pakistan, India, China and Indonesia. “Our attention is on every child in Pakistan who is suffering from any type of heart disease,” he said.

“This is a major problem of the country, for which specialised hospitals and doctors are needed,” said Dr Hasan. “The objective is to provide low-cost quality treatment to those people who cannot afford it,” he explained, adding that the number of patients suffering such conditions will increase with the population.

PCHF Board member Farhan Ahmed said, “life is too short and time is limited.” He pledged that the PCHF and AKUH’s Patient Welfare Society would work together to ensure that every child gets medical treatment, in line with international standards.

According to Ahmed, patients from across the country, especially in areas where treatment options are limited, will be brought to the AKUH for treatment. “Besides, we want to introduce a screening system for the diagnosis of diseases before birth,” he said.

Former captain of the national cricket team, Misbah ul Haq, expressed gratitude toward the AKUH and PCHF for making him part of the noble cause, adding that they would ensure the programme is a success.

According to Haq, the treatment for heart diseases is so expensive that parents often only worry about the expenses and can’t seem to avail many options for medical interventions. “Together, we will ensure that no child suffering from heart diseases goes untreated,” he said.

Agreement signed for quality, affordable treatment of congenital heart defect


The Patients’ Behbud Society for the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) and the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF) signed an agreement on Sunday to make quality and affordable health care available to kids with congenital heart disease.

Through this partnership, the PCHF will identify children in need of this specialised surgery and care and will help bear the cost of treatment along with the Behbud Society so that more kids from low-income families can access this life-saving treatment.

Hundreds of children are born with congenital heart disease in Pakistan every year, but few of them are fortunate enough to have their defect treated in the country or abroad. Pakistan has been facing a serious shortage of paediatric cardiac surgeons, which also results in a high mortality rate of children with congenital heart disease.

Former Pakistan national cricket team captain Misbah-ul-Haq, who is an ambassador for congenital heart disease, and cricket maestro Saeed Anwar were present at the signing ceremony.

“I am very happy that we are all joining hands for this cause that is so important and will save many precious lives,” Haq said at the ceremony at the AKUH. After the signing ceremony, Haq visited the paediatric wards, surprising and delighting the children undergoing treatment at the hospital.

AKUH Children’s Hospital Service Line Chief Dr Babar Hasan said: “Through this partnership, we will set up camps all over the country, do research and advocate for this cause on a national level. This is not a Western disease. The disease burden is the highest in developing countries like ours.”

PCHF Director Farhan Ahmed said that this partnership will bring life-saving treatment at the best health care facility in Pakistan to families across the country. “It is a matter of real prestige for our work to be recognised by the AKUH. We want poor children to be treated at a [proper] facility and be given the best care that a kid from an affluent family gets, and through this we are making this possible.”

One in every 100 babies born has congenital heart disease (CHD), and 60,000 babies in Pakistan are born each year with CHD, or what is commonly known as having a hole in their hearts. Of these, about 20,000 die within the first month if nothing is done to treat them.

CHD is one of the most common birth defects. Seventy-five per cent of all CHD problems can be corrected through surgery, and babies with heart defects can go on to become adults leading active, productive lives.

If it goes untreated, however, the survival rate of such babies is low, and if children with CHD are not treated, they remain unwell, underdeveloped and have to make repeated hospital visits.

AKUH has a dedicated unit for congenital heart disease that includes paediatric cardiac anaesthetists, cardiologists, intensivists, surgeons, cardiac perfusionists and physiotherapists, as well as specially trained nurses.

Early CHD patients have very subtle symptoms, such as irregular breathing patterns or immature growth, said Dr Babar, adding that children with these conditions might appear smaller than others of their age and not as strong.

However, because of limited awareness and access to quality health care, many patients are not diagnosed until they are older, making CHD complicated to treat. Each year the congenital cardiac programme team at the AKUH performs over 400 paediatric cardiac procedures. Seventy per cent of the CHD patients at the hospital come from families without financial means to afford the cost of outstanding surgical and medical care.

CHD Patient’s Mother

Being a girl, daughter, sister, wife, and mother life disclosed full zest of challenges for me. My life took a drastic turn in 2016 when my mother died. Being youngest, love of the whole family and closest to mother; I was devastated in a way that started a new voyage for me and my family. The news of my son Rohaan was a ray of light for everyone.

On the fifth day of Rohaan’s birth, he had difficulty in breathing. The pediatrician took some tests and diagnosed him with jaundice. Phototherapy (special light treatment) was performed, but his cries were so loud that those were tearing my heart. Within a day doctors announced, “He is CHD child”. I remember he was in my lap and we checked almost every possibility for his treatment. I saw lines outside clinics and wards, crying parents, few treated but unsatisfied, few waiting for treatment, some seeking for financial aid guidance, what a horrible scenario was that only a person going through that phase can imagine.

We faced a lot of difficulties in this whole journey. We found that there were very few nurseries for infants with enough facilities in a big city like Lahore. Then there is lack of facilities and staff for heart patients especially infants. Surgeons and doctors are there but still cases like Rohaan’s is not operatable here due to lack of infrastructure and technology. Moreover, our system is so messed up that medical cases are not handled on urgent basis.

Meanwhile I decided that once my son surgery will be done, I will do whatever is in my hands for such children and their parents. I came to know about PCHF by my husband, he always adored Mr. Farhan Ahmed that we dream to follow his footsteps. We have to stand together to bring revolution in this field. If our son can’t be treated in his own homeland, at least we can put some part that in future others won’t face same difficulty.

Mehwish Mukhtar

CHD Patient’s Father

My name is Muhammad Faisal Javaid, my life motive was almost changed by my kids, when my first son was born, and he was diagnosed mild hemophilia. For his tests I literally travelled between Karachi and Lahore several times. But never imagine that much worse part is coming. When my second son Rohaan was born, he was fine but at the fifth day he felt difficulty in breath, his heart beat was very fast and he was pale. We took him for tests and he was diagnosed jaundice, during its treatment we came to know about the fact that he is CHD Child. From that day i searched every possibility for his treatment, I saw people having same difficulties we are facing, but the worst part was many knew nothing about CHD, neither they were aware of basics. I observed there is lack of proper technical support and infrastructure. Limited number of surgeons and cardiologist in our country make it even more difficult to cope with this disease. After receiving negative responses from everywhere, I decided on spot that whether my son will be treated or not I will do something for other parents who are going through same. By that time i came to know about PCHF, by Mr Farhan Ahmed, his kind guidance helped us to think in broad perspective. I searched hard; my son first surgery was done without any support from my homeland, for which my heart still bleeds. I know we have to go from same difficulties which we faced before, and that motivates me to work with PCHF, so we could together pave way to some solution, so no one other can suffer.

MoU Signing Ceremony held between Hameed Latif Hospital and Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF)

Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF) and *Hameed Latif Hospital* are working together to usher in a new era for surgeries of deserving CHD patients.

MoU Signing Ceremony Held between Hameed Latif Hospital and Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF)

04 May 2018, Lahore – Hameed Latif Hospital has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF), which is involved with improving access to quality paediatric cardiac care. The signing ceremony was held at Hameed Latif Hospital, where senior executives from both organizations were present.

At the ceremony, Chairman Hameed Latif Group Prof. Dr. Rashid Latif shared his vision and plan for serving the society and creating a social impact. CEO PCHF Farhan Ahmad shared his vision for his organization and laid out a plan to achieve their goals. Program will be jointly branded in marketing collaterals *funded by PCHF*. The goal of the program will be to raise awareness of heart diseases in children.

Hameed Latif Hospital is to spearhead the development of healthcare in Pakistan and facilitate the communities we serve to enjoy better healthier lives.

To enrich lives and sustain health by enabling access to comprehensive, fully integrated medical facilities of the highest quality and standard, delivered with care, concern and compassion.

Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to establish a state-of-the-art medial facility that provides high-quality care to children with heart diseases, irrespective of their financial status. Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation financially supported 1000+ deserving children born with Congenital Heart Defects. It also aims to serve as a model of excellence and train healthcare professionals, raise awareness among the public, and promote research into the causes and management of congenital heart disease. PCHF uses zakat according to shariah and 100% of donation is spent on Patient care. We are audited by KPMG and all our donations are deposited in separate bank accounts for zakat & donation.

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