PCHF funded surgeries of two CHD children of Shah Buksh from Sukkur, action taken on ARY News

PCHF funded surgeries of two CHD children of Shah Buksh from Sukkur, action taken on ARY News

In a society where having high ambition is considered daydreaming or insanity, we start assuming same and are let down by the strings attached to us. Still there are number of people who break the societal shackles and believe what they aimed for and give their level best to achieve success. Similar story is of Shah Buksh, who was resident of small area near Sukkur. His two kids were facing difficulty in living a normal life which compelled Shah to take them to nearby Hospital.

After several tests he came to know that his both kids have issue with their heart. This news was enough to shatter the parents. Shah was from remote area, and was trying to fulfill basic needs for his family. Luckily a TV channel “ARY Networks” aired a report, showing children of Shah and his appeal to help his children to get treatment. Media is a power house, it can sometime do miracles and that’s what happened with Shah and people concerned with Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF) found out about Shah and his children.

Efforts were made to track and get in touch with journalist from Sindh “Sehrish Khokhar” who made the report. PCHF contacted Sehrish and she provided contact number and details of Shah Buksh. PCHF members talked to Shah and asked him to WhatsApp reports, for further evaluation of the case. Shah was asked to reach Lahore. Due to extreme poverty this was one of those cases in which PCHF was funding not only full treatment of both children but also helping family in accommodation, food and travel.

Younger child was operated before the elder one. Younger one case was less complicated than the elder brother. Ultimately all is well if the end is good and that’s what happened with Shah; both of his son’s surgeries were done in a private hospital of Lahore by cardiac surgeons Dr. Salman Shah and Dr. Asim Khan.

Shah Buksh upon discharge of his children from hospital returned home. Hopefully he will live a happy life ahead with his family.

Media played a great role in highlighting the case and allowing PCHF to reach out to the family. We are thankful to all those who played their part in this case.

Mehwish Mukhtar a CHD child mother from PCHF news desk.

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