Zainab Yaseen was 6 months old and came in crying with her worried parents. Her mother reported that she was pale and small for her age since birth. She would also have short, quick breathing. Including trouble while feeding. She was diagnosed with a large Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and was advised open heart surgery for closure of her VSD. At just 6 months old, their daughter’s entire life ahead of her, Zainab’s parents were distraught over not being able to afford a treatment that would give their daughter a normal future.

With the help of PCHF, Zainab’s surgery was successfully conducted on 2-05-2019. She was operated in Ittefaq Hospital by Dr. M Asim Khan. There were no complications during and after the surgery. She was admitted for 3 days and discharged after a stable postoperative assessment.

Zainab’s follow up echo was conducted one month after her surgery by Dr. Amna Zafar. We are happy to report Zainab’s complete recovery, and happy parents of a healthy infant.

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