• How do you ensure that my Zakat is used properly?
    We are one of the few not-for-profit charities in Pakistan. All of our funding collected under the umbrella of Zakat is used directly towards the treatment of these deserving children. We are Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy (PCP) certified, and all our processes are Shariah compliant.


  • Why should I give my money to Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF)?
    PCHF is the largest Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) related charity healthcare organisation in Pakistan. We are building Pakistan’s first dedicated Children’s Heart Hospital and Research Institute. Till date we have treated 2000+ children born with CHD. We are the only hope for these children, and your donations decide how many children we can save every year. The more you donate, the more lives we can save.


  • Why should I donate for CHD and not for some other healthcare problem?


    Half of these kids require some sort of medical/surgical treatment to treat their heart defect. A large number of these kids require immediate medical/surgical treatment within the first year of their life.

    There is a huge lack of CHD related trained healthcare professionals in Pakistan. Approx. 9 trained pediatric cardiac surgeons and 25 trained pediatric cardiologists in the whole country.


  • What impact is my donation making?
    Your donation is saving lives and restoring the hope of recovery in children and parents who have had the odds stacked against them since they were born. With your help, we can continue supporting people and their families in the fight against CHD.

    These children are the future of Pakistan. You are not just treating these children, but also investing in the future of Pakistan.


  • What is Project CHHRI?
    PCHF had set out on a mission to build Pakistan’s first dedicated Children’s Heart Hospital and Research Institute. The groundbreaking for this historic project was done in Lahore in September 2020. Our brand ambassador & board member Misbah Ul Haq was at the ceremony.


  • Why is a separate dedicated CHD Hospital required?
    Due to the unavailability of a dedicated pediatric cardiac hospital, the waiting lists at major centres keep increasing. We need a dedicated pediatric cardiac hospital so that we can not only treat patients, but also act as a centre of excellence, for the training of healthcare professionals and promoting research into the causes and management of CHD. In turn, increasing the number of pediatric cardiac related healthcare professionals and fulfilling the need for more trained healthcare professionals in the country, allowing other centres to improve their pediatric cardiac programme.


  • How much does it cost to treat one CHD patient?
    The cost of treatment from one patient to another will vary depending on the type of CHD present and the type of treatment option (Private Hospital/Government Hospital) that the doctors have planned. The cost of treatment can range from Rs. 400,000 (Atrial Septal Defects) to 700,000 (Transposition of the Great Arteries).


  • What are the future goals of PCHF?
    We want to further strengthen our understanding of CHD in Pakistan, and the approach needed to tackle this issue on a national level. We want to build partnerships with the government, putting health policies in place which can help us with the early diagnosis of CHD affected children, and to identify at-risk families.

    Screening camps
    in conjunction with the government or other primary care hospitals in remote and less-accessible areas where access to quality health care is non-existent. We want to start working at the grassroots level, screening for potential patients and educating families about the risk factors of CHD.

    Establishing PCHF’s Research Department with the aim of collecting and analysing relevant data so that we may be able to understand the intricacies of CHD better, allowing us to provide better quality treatment to our patients.

    Promote non-invasive, interventional cardiology programs.


  • How can I become a volunteer?
    We are always on the lookout for passionate volunteers who can help us raise funds and awareness of CHD in Pakistan. If you would like to volunteer or are looking for a worthy fundraising cause, please see our ‘Get Involved’ section for ways to help and don’t hesitate to get in touch! WHATSAPP GROUP INVITE

We are one of the few not-for-profit charity organisations in Pakistan, focused on quality healthcare delivery.