How We Use Your Donations?

Your donations are precious and so, we take care to use them wisely. We believe in transparency and thus, our donors regardless of the size of their donations, can gain full access to our externally audited financial and other documents that can help them keep track of how we use their funds.

We use your funds to finance most critical projects, such as:

Patient Care

With your donations, we can provide highest quality of medical care and facilities to our patients. We have foreign qualified doctors, practitioners and academicians at hand. With your contributions, we can cobble together first-rate expertise with world-class resources; guaranteeing best-in-class and contemporary care to our patients.


Your donations will not only aid us to serve our patients well with world-renowned care, but also augment our research efforts to find ground-breaking cures for our patients. Research is the core of ensuring future sustainability of any institute; and your involvement with become a life-long investment for us.


Human resources are the nucleus of any organization. To ensure prime quality, your donations would be needed to pay salaries of our doctors, clinicians, nurses, and administrative staff.