Project CHHRI


One of the main goals of Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation is the establishment of a 125-bed specialized children’s heart hospital and research institute in Lahore. This state-of-the-art hospital will not only be the leading institution in the country for the treatment of heart related problems in children, but it will also serve as a centre of excellence and training for the whole region.

The earthbreaking for this historic project was done in Lahore on 8th May 2020. Our brand ambassador and board member, Misbah Ul Haq, was at the ceremony. Hospital construction has been divided into 2 phases; the hospital will be operational after phase 1 (75 beds). Phase 1 will comprise of 2 basements, 1 ground floor and 4 upper floors.

We expect phase 1 to be completed by December 2023 with the total cost being PKR 2.4 billion. 


  • Basement 1

          CSSD, Lab, Blood bank, Radiology , Diagnostics (CT Scan, MRI etc.)

  • Basement 2

          Parking, Cafeteria

  • Ground Floor

          OPD, 15 Bed ER, Echocardiography, A Few Offices

  • First Floor

          CATH Lab, Hybrid Lab, 2 OTs

  • Second Floor

          30 ICUs

  • Third Floor

          30 Private Rooms

  • Fourth Floor

          Service Floor, Research Center


The hospital will be operational with a capacity of 75 beds after the completion of phase 1.