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This is the story of how Faizan Waheed became a 9-year-old ‘Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Warrior’. The struggle he went through on a journey that started in Jhelum, ‘The Land Of Warriors’, has surely developed remarkable inner strength that will stay with him his whole life. 

Faizan was diagnosed with a rare CHD known as Tetralogy Of Fallot (TOF). TOF is combination of 4 heart defects that change the way blood flows to the lungs and through the heart. 

His father, Abdul Waheed, went to one of the most popular Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons in Lahore, Dr. Asim Khan, who works at the renowned Ittefaq Hospital. 

After being told that an expensive life-saving heart surgery would be required for his child, he asked for guidance with all his heart and soul. Being the sole breadwinner in a family that includes his wife and 6 children, he desperately needed support. 

Dr. Asim informed him about our organization and he contacted us for help. Thankfully, with years of experience under our belt, we were well-equipped to make all the necessary arrangements for Faizan’s planned treatment, the insertion of a Pacemaker. 

From funds to hospital-related formalities to patient discharge, we are there for our patients every step of the way. Thanks to our exceptional team of healthcare professionals, which in this case included Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Masood Sadiq, and Dr. Asim Khan, who performed the surgery, the procedure was a massive success!  

Faizan’s family, especially his father who is the personification of tremendous determination, is eternally grateful to us and our phenomenal donors. He prays for our continued success, alongside legendary Pakistani cricketer & PCHF Board Member, Misbah Ul Haq, on the journey to conquering CHD in Pakistan. 

For children born with heart defects, and their families, no matter how hard things get, no matter how impossible things may seem, we at PCHF, are here for you.  

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