The Heartwarming Story Of Sweet, Little Abeera Umer’s Life

3-Year-Old CHD Warrior Abeera Umer  


Abeera was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) known as Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). As an infant, after suffering from a serious bout of pneumonia, the doctors recommended getting an echocardiogram, an ultrasound scan used to look at the heart and nearby blood vessels. That is when her family received the devastating news, that their sweet, little child had a hole in her heart. 

Abeera’s father, Umer Hassan, works at a clinic and supports his whole family, including his wife and two children, all by himself. Abeera’s mother, Sadia Ijaz, is a housewife. Umer Hassan was referred to our organization by his friends, and also by doctors working at Children’s Hospital Lahore, where over 14000 children are currently awaiting heart surgery.  

Thankfully, we were able to step in and make all the required arrangements for Abeera’s planned procedure, a VSD Closure, as swiftly as possible. Her father was able to arrange a small percentage of the funds needed, and one of our brilliant donors came up with the rest. 

Abeera Umer, after undergoing successful heart surgery, is now a CHD Warrior. A heartwarming success story. For children born with CHD and their families, no matter how hard things get, no matter how impossible things may seem, we at PCHF are here for you. 

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