We Helped Muhammad Muavia Conquer CHD!

The success story of a 3-year-old CHD Warrior!

At such a tender age, little Muhammad Muavia was diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), also known as a hole in the heart. His family, who are from Muzaffargarh, were absolutely distraught when the news broke of their son having Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

Muavia’s father, Muhammad Hafeez, is a gatekeeper and his mother, Rabia Bibi, is a housewife. Hafeez works extremely hard, day in and day out, to take care of his wife and two sons. However, alone he could not afford Muavia’s planned treatment, VSD closure.

Thankfully, we at PCHF, stepped in and managed to arrange all the funds needed for the procedure, which turned out to be a resounding success!

Muhammad Muavia, after undergoing successful heart surgery, is now a CHD Warrior. For children born with CHD and their families, no matter how hard things get, no matter how impossible things may seem, we at PCHF are here for you.

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