CHD Patient’s Mother

CHD Patient’s Mother

Being a girl, daughter, sister, wife, and mother life disclosed full zest of challenges for me. My life took a drastic turn in 2016 when my mother died. Being youngest, love of the whole family and closest to mother; I was devastated in a way that started a new voyage for me and my family. The news of my son Rohaan was a ray of light for everyone.

On the fifth day of Rohaan’s birth, he had difficulty in breathing. The pediatrician took some tests and diagnosed him with jaundice. Phototherapy (special light treatment) was performed, but his cries were so loud that those were tearing my heart. Within a day doctors announced, “He is CHD child”. I remember he was in my lap and we checked almost every possibility for his treatment. I saw lines outside clinics and wards, crying parents, few treated but unsatisfied, few waiting for treatment, some seeking for financial aid guidance, what a horrible scenario was that only a person going through that phase can imagine.

We faced a lot of difficulties in this whole journey. We found that there were very few nurseries for infants with enough facilities in a big city like Lahore. Then there is lack of facilities and staff for heart patients especially infants. Surgeons and doctors are there but still cases like Rohaan’s is not operatable here due to lack of infrastructure and technology. Moreover, our system is so messed up that medical cases are not handled on urgent basis.

Meanwhile I decided that once my son surgery will be done, I will do whatever is in my hands for such children and their parents. I came to know about PCHF by my husband, he always adored Mr. Farhan Ahmed that we dream to follow his footsteps. We have to stand together to bring revolution in this field. If our son can’t be treated in his own homeland, at least we can put some part that in future others won’t face same difficulty.

Mehwish Mukhtar