When a baby is first born, the skin is a dark red color which then becomes pinkish red. When Muhammad Salih was born, his skin was very blue, and this meant he immediately needed to be referred to a cardiologist. Where a child’s birth brings so much happiness, Salih’s parents were overwhelmed with fear. Salih was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease known as Transposition of the Great Artery (TGA). In this condition, the heart valves formed from ‘back to front’ and needs open heart surgery to be corrected.
Untreated, over 50 percent of infants with TGA will die in the first month of life, 90 percent in the first year.
Salih’s parents needed to arrange money as soon as possible for their newborn’s survival. PCHF helped finance and arrange Salih’s surgery. Even though it is a complex procedure, Salih’s surgery was successful without any complications. He was discharged as a healthy baby after 11 days.
Most children who have surgery for this condition will grow and develop normally. Your child will still need to see his or her heart doctor for checkups and may require more surgery in the future.
By donating to PCHF for CHHRI, you can help provide life-long care to children with CHDs.

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